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The P Drivers Project Update: 

Recruitment for the project was completed in 2016. Data analysis is currently underway with the results expected to be available for release later in 2017.

Thank you to everyone who participated!



What is the P Drivers Project?

A large scale road safety research project to develop and implement a driver education program for young P-plate drivers aged 17 to 22  years. 

This project is one of the largest and most complex scientific research studies undertaken in the area of driver education. It is the most

significant research project of this type in the world. The research will focus on current behaviour, decision making and risk-taking, seeking to

reduce the number of crashes and fatalities involving young, inexperienced drivers and promote safe driving behavior.



P Drivers Project program aims

• Reduce the number and/or severity of crashes involving young novice drivers.

• Improve safe driving behaviour.

• Increase the awareness of the risk factors that contribute to high risk driving.

• The program will use an adult education approach intended to change on-road behaviour of young novice drivers in such a way to reduce their crash risk.